About Us

MRPD is a family-owned boutique Development and Property Mentoring business on the South Coast, NSW that’s dedicated to helping you build your property portfolio.


It all started back in 2014 when we purchased our first residential house on just over 1000 m2 blocked with over 32 trees (Yes, I (SJ) helped take out every single one of them! Hence, the counting!!) and amazing side access.

We knew it had potential, but we just didn’t know what, after some investigation, we found out we could build an extra dwelling and subdivide the land.

It doesn’t look “pretty” in the pic, but this little accidental project is what set us up on this wild journey.

We sold up everything we could, packed up and moved in with family so we could put all our resources into building this first house.

Since then, we have purchased many properties with the scope to build units, child care centres, and make the most out of each rental property we own by gaining maximum rent while we’re waiting to build.

People have been asking us to help them too, or how I manage our properties so it was only natural to take the next step and help people in the journey too. As it takes dicipline, sacrifice & time, which we know, a lot of people don’t like.

We can’t actually buy real estate for clients YET! I am in the middle of doing my Real Estate course, become registered and legal.

But we can help you in a mentoring position to help you navigate locating a property & managing all the other bits that go with it.

To build a property portfolio or simply buying your first house, isn’t as hard as you think, it’s just creating good habits around money/spending, & mindset.

We mainly have experience and specialise in…

Spotting great Development Sites

Making the most out of each property we rent before developing it

Renovating to rent

Passing on the wisdom of great daily habits & mindset to reach your goals.

Remember, life is about WHO you become on the journey, not the destination…

our values









“Seeing beyond the wallS”

meet the team

Nathan (& SJ) Meeson

This is my husband and our Property Researcher & negotiator, Nathan.

This guy is the most analytical, bargain hunter I have ever met.

AMAZING at finding development sites, Nathan has a knack for finding the diamonds in the rough and is a fantastic negotiator.

As for myself, I am a people person, a creative, and can see the potential and beyond the walls of properties. My role is design, project management, property management, & marketing.

Alisha (& Shaun) Meeson

Alisha, (my beautiful SIL) is our talented Drafts Person, who has a keen eye for detail and numbers.

Alisha is responsible for drawing up all our property deals ready for the council & the builder.

You can find out more about Alisha and her drafting here >>

Why mountain ridge?

We love the mountains (and the beach lol). But the mountains represent the freedom that property can bring to people’s and family’s lives…

Plus, who doesn’t love the feeling of skiing down a slope on a beautiful crisp day.

*Please note – We are not financial advisors and can only brainstorm different ideas & strategies. We recommend you go and seek advice from professionals and your accountant before you make any financial decisions.