We mentor amazing families to locate development sites, investment properties, & make the most out of their existing property portfolio.

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We can’t say we’ve done it all, but we’ve certainly learned a lot along our journey that we’d love to pass on to you and help you simply buy your first property (because it’s not out of reach as what you think) or build a strategic plan to build your family empire.

Thrifty Rentals

We love getting the most bang for our buck from our investment properties, let us help you do the same…

Project Management

Need help managing your property development, we help manage the process from purchase to build &/or subdivide…


If you’re wanting to build your portfolio, but need help picking the right one? We will be by your side as your mentors, not doing the work for you, but helping you navigate and source the right property for you and your goals.

We’re not your average development or property investing mentors

MRPD is a family-owned business based on the South Coast, NSW – AUSTRALIA.

Founded by Director Sarah-Jane Meeson (along with her hubby who likes to hide ;-)), they have the vision to pass on their wealth of knowledge and experience in money management and building a property portfolio, while always making the most out of every opportunity.

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(But we can help with interstate purchases)

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Granny flats

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